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About Us

Beyond Nature Ltd (BNL) is a leading-edge multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm providing innovative and environmentally sound solutions to a wide range of sectors including built environment, water, oil and gas, industry, infrastructure, power, mining, etc. Our services are used to create a sustainable built and natural environment that protects the water we drink, the air we breathe and the earth in which we live.

One of the BNL key strength is application of high-end Geographical Information System (GIS) technologies and carrying out sophisticated modelling for assessment and impact predictions on soil, water and air.

BNL combine strategic thinking, multidisciplinary perspectives and technical expertise, to do more than effectively solve client challenges – we delivering sustainable results for a better future.


Environmental Planning and Management

• Environmental Audits
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Strategic Environmental Assessments
• Environmental Compliances
• Environmental Studies

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

• Project Area Mapping and Analysis
• Aerial Imagery and Land Cover
• Sensitive Features and Habitat Mapping
• GPS-Based Field Mapping and Data Collection
• Large Format Presentation Maps/Graphics

Solid Waste Management

• Hazardous Waste and Remedial Investigations
• Feasibility Studies and Remedial Design
• Groundwater Modeling
• Corrective Action
• Remediation by Natural Attenuation (NRA)


• Sustainability performance reporting
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Community & Corporate Sustainability Plans
• Benchmarking evaluations
• Sustainability program development
• Stakeholder engagement

Natural Resources Management

• Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans
• Conservation Planning
• Habitat Surveys
• Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Management Plans
• Vegetation Surveys
• Biological Assessments

Environmental Data Management

• Develop Data Management Strategy
• Integrate with Existing Software and Automated Process
Information Systems
• Develop Custom Designed System
• Data Migration from Old to New System
• Provide Data Web Hosting
• Provide Compliance Reporting Assistance

Strategic Environmental Management

• Implement Sound EH&S Principles to Compliment Business Growth and Development
• Establish Proven Operating Practices to Respond Rather Than React to Issues
• Manage Existing Liabilities to Minimize Long-Term Risk to The Company
• Manage and Communicate Emerging EH&S Issues to Achieve Maximum Value with Reduced Resources

Water Resources Management

• Delineation of Wetlands, Streams, and Other Surface Waters
• Mitigation Design and Planning
• Mitigation Construction Oversight
• Mitigation Monitoring
• Stream Restoration
• Fluvial Geomorphology Surveys for Streams
• Water, Sediment, and Aquatic Life Sampling
• Water Quality and Receiving Stream Assessments

Air Quality and Climate Change

• Dispersion Modeling
• Emissions Inventory
• Indoor air monitoring programs
• Indoor air quality assessments
• Emission inventories
• GHG inventory and management system implementation
• GHG reduction project design and development
• GHG management training


BNL Geospatial Information and Communication Technology (GEOICT) Lab is the core unit for the environmental data acquisition, management, analysis and modelling. BNL GEOICT Lab is also committed to develop spatial thinking skills and culture across industry, government and academia sectors in Africa.

Upcoming Training

BNL105: Remote Sensing and GIS in Environmental Impact Assessment

Registration: Open
Location: Dar es Salaam
Language: English

This 5-days course introduces you to the decision support system (DSS) tools for EIA, audit and SEA process and teaches you how to collect field geospatial data using mobile GIS tools, acquire and processing open source environmental datasets, delineate  ecologically sensitive areas using digital-image analysis (eg wetlands, water catchments, etc.), carry out land suitability and vulnerability mapping (eg groundwater pollution vulnerability) and spatial multi-criteria decision analysis (eg. Flood risk mapping).

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Upcoming Training

BNL106: Open Source Web-based GIS and Mapping of the Environmental Datasets

Registration: Open
Location: Dar es Salaam
Language: English

This 10- days course teaches you how to build GIS web portal using open source GIS software including QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer, and OpenLayers. The course is delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work.

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Upcoming Training

WCL107: GIS-based EPANET for Water Distribution Network Design, Analysis and Management

Registration: Open
Location: Dar es Salaam
Language: English

This intensive 5-days program introduce participants to the design, analysis and management of water supply and distribution networks using EPANET integrated with GIS system. GIS and EPANET integration offer fast and precise hydraulic model development, calibration and visualization of the results in addition to efficient geodatabase management.

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Beyond Nature Ltd.