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Ask Anna I was raised in a cult. Did it mess up my sexuality?

Ask Anna I was raised in a cult. Did it mess up my sexuality?

Ask Anna is a sex line. Some columns contain language some readers may find graphic because of the nature of the topic.

I’ve just turned 20. I started to notice that girls were hot as hell when I was about 13. I came across myself taking a l k at girls, and planning to hold their arms, and smell their hair, and possibly also touch them. Residing in a actually conservative environment, it t k me personally 36 months to acknowledge this, and six to simply accept it. But sometimes I’ll see a guy and he’ll start talking if you ask me and I’ll want to myself, if he asked me out, I wouldn’t say no. I may also like cuddling and playing together with hair. But i prefer girls so, so much more!

It’s hard in my situation to share with if i enjoy boys, or if perhaps i recently feel I should like boys. People keep asking me personally can you have intercourse with a guy or a woman, or both? But in all honesty, intercourse appears type of gross for me, and I don’t think i might be comfortable with either. Then once again again, I don’t know if that’s really me personally, or simply years of having that shoved down my neck.

I spent my youth in a cult. Intercourse was never ever discussed, and intercourse because of the gender that is same unthinkable. So it’s difficult in my situation to know which ideas are mine, and that have been planted here.

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