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Let me make it clear more about Intimate Readings of Compulsory sex

Let me make it clear more about Intimate Readings of Compulsory sex

Ela Przybylo

252 pp. 6 x 9 10 illustrations Pub Date August, 2019

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“Asexual Erotics is just a much-needed research on queer theory’s obsession with ‘sex’ as an underpinning force. What’s more, it implies that being attentive to ‘erotics’ opens up brand new possibilities that are intersectional thinking with and through distinction in techniques a concentrate on intercourse and sex can prohibit. It generates a intervention that is timely feminist studies and queer studies and offers essential product for impairment scholars, trans studies scholars, and artistic and news studies scholars.” —Jennifer Tyburczy

“This b k contributes an expanded repertoire of things of analysis for feminist and queer studies as well as refining and developing asexual theoretical and methodological frameworks that need a reshaping of scholarship on sex and queerness.” —KJ Cerankowski

Challenging just what she views being an obsession with intercourse and sex, Ela Przybylo examines the silence around asexuality in queer, feminist, and thinking—turning that is lesbian Audre Lorde’s work with erotics to propose rather an approach she calls asexual erotics, an alternative solution language for talking about types of closeness that aren’t reducible to intercourse and sex. Starting with the belated 1960s as a period whenever compulsory sexuality intensified and became increasingly linked with feminist, lesbian, and queer notions of empowerment, politics, and subjectivity, Przybylo l ks to feminist governmental celibacy/asexuality, lesbian sleep death, the asexual queer kid, plus the aging spinster as four figures which can be asexually resonant and which reap the benefits of an asexual reading—that is, from being read in a asexually affirming in place of asexually manner that is skeptical.

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