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Maude makes a match with Todd regarding the dating app

Maude makes a match with Todd regarding the dating app


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Maude is a lady lop-eared bunny, with long ears that drop down over her shoulders. She has taupe fur with darker brown ears and muzzle and light brown fur on her cheeks and front side. Maude has much longer fur on the mind styled to l k like pinned straight back bangs. Her two teeth that are front down and she’s got whiskers.

Based on the model sheets, she actually is 5 ft tall making her approximately two ins smaller than Todd.

Maude wears a dark purple sweater with skinny light lavender contrasting stitching during the sleeves and neckline for trim, high-waisted light red jeans, a silver band on the remaining center little finger, and green sandals by having a red print that is floral.

While working at Cinnabunny she wears a light blue apron with the Cinnabunny logo design printed in red cursive lettering about it along with her work title label.



Maude, particularly, has a whole lot in accordance with Todd in terms of their outbound personality, yet she is also somewhat more aged than him. This woman is really nice, loving, cheerful, smart, however a bit naive, and arises with crazy company tips, just like a “Cinna-Bungalow.”

It’s later on discovered inside her debut l k this woman is asexual. She actually is shown rejecting a man she had been dating because of the implication she didn’t wish to have intercourse with him, utilizing the man maybe not understanding why.

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