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My better half is making use of adult talk spaces online

My better half is making use of adult talk spaces online

ASK THE EXPERT: QI are hitched a decade and then we have four kiddies aged 9, 7, 6 and 4. Recently, i ran across that my better half is adult that is using spaces online and generally seems to were interacting in intimately explicit methods along with other individuals. Him, he was embarrassed and then defensive saying it was just harmless flirting and that he had not gone over any line when I challenged. We still feel really unhappy by what he’s got done.

Up to this, I was thinking things were fine in our wedding, though needless to say we now haven’t had much couple time aided by the needs of four kids but this finding has come as a bolt without warning. It couldn’t have already been as bad as I know men do this, but the fact that he was talking to other people has really disgusted me if he was just accessing porn. Personally I think a bit betrayed and be worried about whether i could trust him.

Him again about it, he did apologise and said he won’t do it again but he then came out with a load of stuff about how unhappy he was in the marriage, that we never spend time together (which is true), but I don’t think it is fair for him to blame me when I spoke to.

My hubby is just a great dad and has long been really hands-on with all the kiddies who really like him and we don’t wish to end up separated.

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