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One You’re Going To Meet Someone And Everything Will Make Sense day

One You’re Going To Meet Someone And Everything Will Make Sense day

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One you’re going to meet someone, and everything will make sense day.

Most of the nights that are sleepless heartbreaks, rejections, unrequited crushes, moments that made you doubt yourself and doubt love and doubt everything in between. It’s going to all reduce the minute you meet them, the minute they wrap you within their hands and you think, “This. This might be what I became waiting around for.”

For that moment, for that feeling because you were waiting for them.

So when you will find them, you’ll just know.

And you’ll recognize, because everything will likely make feeling.

You won’t be sitting here saturated in “I don’t know”s and questioning the legitimacy of the feelings. Because your emotions is likely to be unquestionable, along with your feelings would be absolutely absolutely nothing but certain. You won’t be sitting here wondering just what love is like, if butterflies are genuine, if it is feasible to meet up an individual and feel your souls saying, “You. I was waiting around for you.”

Because those butterflies will likely be here, you’ll do not have other word but “love” to spell it out it, as well as your souls will just be saying that.

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