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Evaluating the partnership between partners or common-law lovers

Evaluating the partnership between partners or common-law lovers

This part contains policy, procedures and guidance employed by IRCC staff. Its published from the department’s web site as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Officers ought to be pleased that the relationship that is genuine. A spousal relationship or common-law partnership which is not genuine or that has been entered into mainly for the intended purpose of acquiring any status or privilege is likely to be refused (R4). Likewise, under R4.1, the dissolution of a relationship between two individuals to get any status or privilege underneath the Act and its own subsequent resumption will result when you look at the relationship being excluded. This means the foreign nationwide will never be considered a partner, common-law partner or conjugal partner under the Regulations. R4.1 applies perhaps the one who seeks to get status or privilege through a bad faith relationship may be the sponsor, the foreign national being sponsored or even a third-party international nationwide.

Officers should examine the papers submitted as proof the connection to make sure that they’re not fraudulent.

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